Creeping and classifying couples is something we all do.

At least I like to re-affirm that to myself every time I’m ever-so-subtly eye-ball grilling a couple on transit.

Sometimes they are so good-looking your eyes start to burn.  Like when you stare too long at a LCD screen without blinking. It’s kind of the same. Are they real? Or are you watching a show catered to your shallow intrigues and insecurities?   A good looking couple is a double-whammy;  a good looking person x 2.  Double the power. Double the time you stare at them.

But there are also other types of couples.  The truly good looking couple is a rare find. There’s that couple that you want to observe in the same way that you want to take a picture of an animal doing something completely stereotypical for its species.  The gortex, mountain- equipment- co-op clad, new balance runners, fleecy duo, for instance.  The couple that sacrifices every ounce of anything remotely cool looking…to be comfortable and effective outdoors. They wear sunglasses with the connecting head string even when they decide to drive. Today I observed this couple jogging on the spot together, just slightly out of unison inside my quiet, very foreign train cart… for 2 whole stops.  There was proper muscle description terminology.  Effective stretching.  A discussion of tensor bandage.  When you find two stereotypes that have found each other the feeling is overwhelming.  You want to clap. You want to tell everyone around you.  You want to take a photo of it and post it on your weird little blog.