DSC_5376I just got back from my second year shooting on the media team for Shambhala Music Festival.  As per usual, the experience was stocked with entertaining people both on and offstage.  But this year, one encounter in particular stands out for me:  hanging out with the colourful duo, Asta & Andrew.  I met Asta & Andrew at a booze and schmooze event back stage one night; Asta looked like every disco-ball’s fantasy and Andrew was wearing some weird sparkly mask.  I was instantly smitten.  Even more-so when I found out that Asta works as a SHARK researcher and spends her days diving with huge sharks (the kind with actual teeth) and Andrew is a talented didgeridoo player and beat-boxer for the band Rocky Mountain Rebel Music.

I was happy to spend the night third-wheeling them, which, I like to assume they enjoyed as well.  We hit some amazing shows and I had an absolute blast with them.  Two days later I found out that they were going to get married. On a whim. At Shambhala.  I was thrilled to be invited.  Here are a couple of shots of Asta & Andrew’s impromptu wedding at Shambhala.



Meet Asta: Shark-Diving Badass and general babe


Meet Andrew: Didgeridoo Player & Beat-Boxer in Rocky Mountain Rebel Music


DSC_5277 Maid of Honour


Best Man



DSC_5305 DSC_5303