Photography is just the witness to our framework. 

The day I realized that we are all characters in another person’s story, and that abstract thing called light puts on a daily performance, life became more of a playground for observation. Human nature, humour, beauty and the interplay between narrative and reality are what drive me. Although I respect and can provide choreographed images, in my personal work, my approach to photography is candid: based in the art of observation over construction.  I love taking photos that work together to tell a story or capture the essence of an experience. I love bearing witness to the characters of the world and then the interplay between our imposed narratives and frameworks that follow. That occur in every mind.  I love dramatically over-thinking things.  But even more so, the freedom from thought that comes with mindful vision.

Photography for me isn’t about the gadget-talk; it’s more about observation, vision and feeling.  I’d love to help you out with your event, portrait or article, if you resonate with me and my work please feel free to contact me below and let’s start a conversation.

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